Check out our Aquascape Spillway Bowls in Paoli and Downingtown

The Aquascape Spillway Bowls and Basin set can be installed as a standalone disappearing water feature, or as several spillway bowls linked together for an amazing display.  The Aquascape Spillway Bowls can be easily added to any existing pond or pool creating an beautiful waterfall.  The possibilities are endless with this decorative water feature.  The Aquascape Spillway Bowls can easily be installed to an existing landscape or to create a new area to love.  When you add any water feature to your landscape, something amazing happens!  Water is key to all living things and it’s truly mesmerizing and relaxing to be around.

Aquascape Spillway Bowls PaoliWe have two outdoor displays at our Showroom in Paoli, as well as an indoor display at Turpin Pond Source.  Just this year we added a set of Aquascape Spillway Bowls to my home in Downingtown Pa and I have to say, I  love opening my front door and hearing that amazing sound.  We also took a different twist on our Spillway Bowls and inserted Underwater Pond Lights to the inside of the bowl creating a whole new look!  Every time we install a new water feature wether it’s a Koi Pond, a Pondless Waterfall, a Fountain, a Patio Bowl and even our Aquascape Spillway Bowls we always recommend adding Underwater Pond Lights as well as Landscaping Lighting.  Just by incorporating a few Professionally Lit areas on your property you open it up to a whole new viewing experience. Just like our Pond Lights we use a photocell installed on the transformer to activate the Landscaping Lights as dusk falls, and then a timer is used to turn the lights off at a time of your choosing.
Aquascape Spillway Bowl Stand
The Aquascape Spillway Bowls Stand provides the ideal pedestal to showcase an Aquascape Spillway Bowl set. Depending on where you are looking you typically do not even notice the pedestal, until you see a display without one.  The use of the pedestal is dependent on the area that the Spillway Bowls be be, as well as personal preference.  The Bowl Stand works really well when we are installing Spillway Bowls on a patio, deck or even as a stand-alone water feature.  The stand creates the ideal elevation between the Spillway Bowls and adds a little more to your water feature.
If you are interested in installing the Aquascape Spillway Bowl kit yourself you can CONTACT US HERE to order one.  To set up a consultation to have a Water Feature Professional install one for you can call us at 610.380.1119.
Aquascape Spillway Bowl Kit
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