Creating your Landscape Lighting Design in Chester County

landscape lighting design in chester countyYour yard has been redesigned and planted up with lush flowers, and your patio has been completed, and now it is time for the finishing touches; luckily, we here at Turpin Landscaping do landscape lighting design in Chester County. Whether it’s the front walkway up to your house, or around the back patio for entertaining at night, lighting is really the cherry on top after everything else has been completed in your new landscape. It will bring an extra layer of beauty and dimension to the landscape that wasn’t there before, as well as being practical and adding an element of security to your property.

When doing Landscape lighting, less is sometimes more. You don’t want to overdo the amount of lights and have every square inch of your landscape lit up, with lights blinding you at every turn you make. That being said, when we do landscape lighting design in Chester County, we place the lights in key areas to highlight the most important parts, while providing the most amount of light to practically illuminate the path for walking. One thing that we do while placing lights along a path is to stager them, so that it is softly lit, instead of looking like a landing strip for an airport. Some of the key parts of the landscape also get up lit, for example, if you have a specimen plant with interesting branching that would be a plant to accent in your landscaping since uplighting would highlight its form. Also very tall trees are something that we pride ourselves on being able to light with minimal amounts of light fixtures, saving you money on electricity, while emphasizing the grandeur of the mature tree.

landscape lighting design in Chester CountyThe first way that we do landscape lighting design in Chester County is coming out to your home to talk about where the best placement for your lighting will be. This can be done before or after the completion of your landscape project, but for the most accurate placement and lighting count, this would be done at the end of any project going on. This way we would know exactly where specimen plants will end up and where walkways and lighting will be needed throughout your landscape. We will come out with flags that we use as place makers for where each light will be installed, so you can have an accurate visual of where they will be and we can make easy adjustments where necessary.

Another way that we do landscape lighting design in Chester County is by laying it out in an actual 2D or 3D design. This is typically done when we are planning out the rest of the design. In a hand drawing we will place a black dot illuminated by a white halo around it to represent where the lighting will end up. In a 3D design we will place an accurate image of what the lighting will look like in the design. This will give you an excellent visual on how the project will turn out.

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landscape lighting design in Chester CountySo while you may have already known that we do upscale back yards filled with lush landscaping, high quality hardscaping and tranquil ponds, you now also know that we do landscape lighting design in Chester County as well. As said already it really is the finishing touch to your landscape, while adding practicality and security to your property as well.

If you would like to speak with a professional about your landscape lighting design in Chester County please contact us today!

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