Walkways and paths in outdoor living design transport you and your visitors on a journey, and a journey as we all know, begins with the very first step.  So why not make that first step a thing of beauty?  Many times steps and pathways are the first glimpse a visitor has of our property style.  Walkways can also provide increased usability of your property. Don’t overlook the walkways and paths in your outdoor living spaces.  Instead think of them as you would a link in a chain, these walkways and paths lead you to and from the gem that is your outdoor living space.

Benefits to walkways and paths:

  • Beautifying your property
  • Increased usability in your outdoor spaces
  • Increasing your property value
  • Elegantly controlling foot traffic

The Turpin Landscaping Hardscape Crew does not install ordinary concrete slab walkways.  We specialize in upscale design and installation of Techo Bloc paving stones and natural stone materials, often working with curves to soften sharp lines in the architecture.  Walkways and paths are to provide function and be aesthetically pleasing for many years to come and be welcoming for you and your guests.

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