How to Keep Deer Away from your Garden

If you have finished your Spring Cleanup Checklist your yard is looking beautiful, and the last thing you want is for intruders to tear up all of your hard work. So, the big question of “how do I keep deer away from my garden?” arises which can be a tricky task to accomplish. 

There are a couple of options to consider if your property seems to be losing square footage to hungry deer.  Here in Chester County we have a very healthy deer population; that is just a nice way of saying “Look out; at some point you will probably have a problem with deer!”

Did you know deer are hungriest in the spring? Deer can eat up to 10 pounds of greens in a given day.  In springtime, deer are looking to fatten up after their sparse winter diet and nursing doe’s are famished. But what  if you have just spent countless hours devoted to sprucing up your property; not to mention the cost of new plantings! There are a few things that you can do to discourage this feasting on your property.  Deer Scram is a product that can be put down in your beds to discourage the deer from eating your plants.  Deer Scram is all natural, biodegradable and environmentally safe product that helps keep deer and rabbits away from your prized gardens, shrubs and trees, while not being offensive to humans. Deer Scram will not harms animals, the environment, or you and your family! This is a granular repellent that can be applied as a protective perimeter strip or it can be evenly spread over a garden bed. When used as directed and consistently applied every 30-45 days it can change the paths that the deer have grown accustomed to using and discourage deer and rabbits from entering your gardens. The first application should be done during spring cleanup and then every 30-45 days after.

Keep deer away
Keep deer away

A rising star on the deer control market is wireless deer fencing. This wireless deer fencing deer repellent is a deer training system; the negative reinforcement conditioning keeps deer out.  It creates an effective psychological barrier for deer around your yard and garden. First brought to market in 1999 this system started field testing in 1996 with great success. This deer repellent system is safe and humane; it was invented by a veterinarian to be safe for target deer and any accidental victims.  So how does this system work?  The wireless deer fence deer repellent  consists of individual, wireless posts that are placed in your yard and garden. Each wireless Deer Fence post contains a charging circuit, electrodes, and a sweet artificial scent to attract the deer to touch a post.  Deer are browsers; they use their noses to investigate.  When they encounter a wireless deer fence post, the sweet scent entices them to touch it, and they are shocked on the nose or tongue. After a single contact with a wireless fence post, a deer thereafter associates the discomfort of the shock, not only with the sight of the posts, but also with the smell of the particular mixture of artificial scents used on the posts. The number of posts required and the placement is not an exact science, it is more an art and intuition.  The deer are not always predictable.  It is recommended that the post be placed between 5 and 25 feet apart.  Placing a few in the interior of the garden is a good idea just in case the deer pasted the perimeter posts.

This deer fence deer repellent does require some maintenance; but it is minimal.  The battery life is about six months and the attractant piece should be changes about once a month.  This maintenance can be done by the homeowner or professionals can put you on a recurring schedule.

Knowing that there are products on the market to help homeowners with this intrusive and expensive problem should put many at ease.  Both of these products seem to do a fairly good job keeping deer from your property and hopefully that could cut down on your exposure to Lyme Disease which can be debilitating and is on the rise everywhere.  Click here to contact Turpin Landscape Design/Build if you would like more information about keeping deer away from your garden. 


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