Landscape Contractor Wins Best Feature Garden at the Greater Philadelphia Home and Garden Show


We would personally like to thank each and every one of you for attending this year’s show.  From ponds, to waterfalls, spring flowers, turtles, fish, pizza oven, patio, pergola, outdoor beer taps and a Moon Gate Arch to crown the booth; Turpin Landscape pulled out all the stops!

Each year Turpin tries to bring a stunner of a backyard paradise right to the entrance of the Philly Home & Garden Show in Oaks, PA.   Starting with building the waterfalls on a sixteen foot open trailer. By building on this trailer we are able to start the pond and waterfall construction in-house. Additionally, we used a sixteen foot flatbed hook truck container as the base for the pergola, bar and irregular flagstone patio. Since we start this process in house when we arrive at the Convention Center we already have an excellent foundation ready to go.


Our experienced team definitely has the vision to turn yards of any size into an outdoor paradise. If we can build one on the concrete floor of a convention center using open trailers, you better believe we can work with any type of property. Be it large or postage stamp size, there are always numerous ways to update your own property. Although every property has its own particularities; often what makes a property unique is where we focus our greatest creativity. So don’t struggle over a wet side yard and rocky front yard, or think the steep backyard terrain is without possibilities. To the contrary; that steep terrain would be the perfect setting for a gurgling pondless waterfall.

The goal was to have the scent of spring filled the air as people entered the show.  The heavenly scent that filled the air was due to more than two hundred bulbs that where artfully placed throughout the extensively landscaped booth. The hyacinths were the intoxicating perfume that had all who attended thinking that Easter was right around the corner! From pink and red tulips, to purple hyacinths and yellow daffodils, spring appeared to have sprung upon us overnight. In addition we added three hundred perennials, fifty aquatic plants with dozens of trees and shrubs and this faux backyard. In the end it was a spectacular paradise for all who entered.


Definitely a star of the show with its extremely vibrant red bark, the Japanese Coral Bark Maple was a true show stopper. Most have never seen such a flamboyant red bark that provides your garden with spectacular winter interest. Another plant worth mentioning is Hellebores or Lenten Rose, in which there were three varieties in full bloom. There were also enough emerging buds to keep flowering for months to come. 

All this work cumulates into once again being chosen as “Philly Home & Garden Show 2018 Best in Show Award”, truly an honor.  


Lastly, we would like to invite you to join us on our Extraordinary Pond Tours. These tours will provide you with a temporary escape from the stresses of your day and transport you to lush, green foliage, accompanied by stunning blue vistas of ponds and pondless waterfalls. These gems of a tour come three times a season. First is our Garden Tour, always scheduled for the last Saturday of June. The Water Garden Weekend Tour, scheduled for the last weekend in July and our ever popular Evening Water Garden Tour that takes place on the last Saturday evening in September. If it is not enough that these tours will take you to over 50 properties with water features of some sort, they benefit the Chester County Food Bank and all of the wonderful work they do. Please consider joining us on one or all three of our tours. 


Thank you again to all who visited us at the Philly Home & Garden Show in Oaks, we enjoyed meeting all of you.

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