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A good Landscape Design is in the details of the landscape project.  These landscape designs can be rendered in multiple ways.  From detailed 3D renderings, to top-down drawings, overlays on photos, to marking paint drawn on the ground, these types of plans/designs are all available.  The project scope often defines the type of plans necessary.  Although many times it is personal preference as to the amount of details the client prefers.  Portfolio books are often helpful to pinpoint design styles and help when choosing materials for your project; we bring portfolio books to every consultation.

Turpin Landscape Design/Build offers the following designs types:

  • 3D Rendering: extremely detailed computer generated rendering of your project
  • Top-down Drawing: hand drawn professional plans by a Landscape Designer
  • Overlays on photos: Hand sketched drawing over a current photo of the project
  • Landscape Marking Paint: Marking paint sprayed on the ground to map out your project. This works especially well with waterfalls and water features. Many of our clients find this visual rendering to be most helpful.

Regardless, of the type of designs you choose, remember communication is key to ensuring your project is everything you dreamed it would be.

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