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Turpin Landscaping offers landscape lighting that will highlight the beauty of your home, gardens and water features; while providing safety and security at night, and increase usability and property value. Effective landscape lighting is a deterrent to criminal activity, and ensures that your invited guests will be able to navigate your property safely.  A home with low voltage landscape lighting welcomes homeowners and guests beautifully and is very affordable to operate.

Services include:

  • Path, landscape and tree lighting using, bullet and niche lights
  • Water feature lighting
  • Special outdoor features lit with recessed lights
  • Light control automation using photo cell technology in combination with timers to turn on lights and off in order to conserve energy
  • Low voltage lighting installation and conversion to provide security without a large utility bill

Lighting encourages people to linger outdoors a while longer because it transforms an outdoor living space into an intimately stylish oasis when the sun goes down.  Paired with water or a fire feature, outdoor lighting naturally attracts people and makes it hard to want to go inside.
One of the best and most enjoyable ways to see homes and water gardens that have had Turpin Landscaping install low voltage landscape lighting is by attending our Evening Pond Tour the last Saturday night in September.  See our events page for more details.

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