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Turpin Landscaping is proud to have clients for their landscape maintenance that have been with us for many years, and one of the reasons is because we do things differently.  Pruning and landscape maintenance is approached in a professional and sophisticated manor by our experienced staff, meaning we most often chose to do selective pruning which is better for plant health and provides a significantly better appearance.  Our rejuvenating technique to maintain plant size is especially helpful in caring for Japanese Maples and specimen plants, as well as common shrubs.

Why hire Turpin Landscaping for your professional landscape maintenance needs?

  • Add beauty and value to your home or business with professional landscape maintenance.
  • Professionally pruned plants always look better and stay that way much longer.
  • Beds are contoured to be aesthetically pleasing and edged deeply to retain mulch.

Timely pruning with plant maintenance ensures the best performance and health.  A well maintained property stays looking great year-round, even with seasonal changes.  Property maintenance can be compared to other chores, the longer you let things go the harder it is to rectify.  Landscape maintenance done regularly requires less effort in the long run.

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The Turpin Landscaping Team aims to not just meet, but to exceed your expectations by adding beauty and value to your home.  Please call Turpin Landscaping at 610.380.1119 for your landscape maintenance.

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