Thank you for all you did to make our mess of a yard into a beautiful slice of Heaven!  We love how we can sit outside or even in our living room and listen to the relaxing sounds of our waterfall.  You all were dedicated, committed and flexible.  Your whole team is above all others!!  Your company team works as a well-oiled machine!  Thank you and I am certain you’ll be hearing from us again!

Krista & Shane S.

Hi Becky

Coming home today after spending Thanksgiving in NY, I marveled again at how beautiful my place looks.  Thanks very much for all you and your teams have done.  And I LOVE the idea that the Arborvitae were able to be used for such a good cause.

Jules L.

We are very pleased that we chose the Turpin family to complete our project. Every one of you have been a pleasure to work with. The- waterfalls turned out to exceed our expectations. I showed you the photos that I took in Idaho Falls and your team did a fantastic job to recreate the effect that I envisioned. The same can be said for the patio.

Linda & Paul M.

Hi Jason,

You had Joe and Jamie at our home yesterday to do a repair for us. I just wanted to let you know how fantastic they were. They really represented your company well. They were polite and professional. I can’t say enough good about them. The repair went really well. Thank you so much for helping us out.

Donna S.

Hi Jason, and Joe,

Just wanted to drop a line of thanks to Joe for a fine job of netting the pond last week. The job was done professionally with obvious care taken to
minimize impact on shrubs and fish. All-in-all just a good execution. thanks,

Joe. Rick and Becky R.

Hi Becky!

Yes, we LOVE everything-except the watering! UGH!!! But, this too shall pass! It has been our pleasure working with You, Jason, and all of the people of Turpin.
All of our neighbors have complimented you on how professional and neat your men were, while working on our project! Thanks again, we are very happy that we chose you to transform our yard!

A friendship has been made

Susan S.

The patio is absolutely beautiful…the design is fabulous. You just did a fantastic job bringing it to completion.

Lisa B.


We are very satisfied with your work and like how it all turned out especially now that the new grass is coming in nicely. Thanks for your design ideas and very pleasant crew to work with.


All I can say is Wow.  Thanks to you and especially your crew for a first class job.

John H.

Love the landscaping and stone work. Thank you so much.

Leigh and Maria W.

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my “new look”. You and your crew did a fantastic job of transforming a very ugly, weedy, and jungle environment into a something very calming, green and above all clean. Kudos to Teo and his crew members for doing a very professional job in the most trying of temperatures. I will recommend Turpin Landscape wholeheartedly to anyone who asks!

Mary C.

Please extend to Jason our appreciation. He called us regarding a problem with our Pondless Waterfall Pump and suggested a resolution to my wife Bonnie. We did as he suggested and the waterfall is now running fast and strong.

Walt and Bonnie S.

Yes, it was a great working with you and your team… I enjoyed the days immensely. I look forward to working together in the spring on some more of my existing beds and creating some new ones.

I really, really love everything. It looks so good! I can’t wait to just sit back and marvel at all the new wonderful plants and trees. The pathways are perfect too!

Your guys are very hard workers and even the builder commented to Charlie how he saw them hustling…..

Thanks so much again,


Dear Becky and Jason,

Just wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with everything. Becky ‘s plan was brilliant with the addition of the steps, trees, and shrubs. We are once again “wowed” by the transformation of this backyard haven.

Please let your men know how much we appreciate all their hard work and skill. They are an amazing crew, especially considering they rarely stopped working despite the unforgiving heat. Bravo!


Pat and Chris K.

I just wanted to let you know how enjoyable the Pond Tour was this past weekend. I recruited seven of my girlfriends to go with me and we just enjoyed the self guided tour to each of the houses. It made for such a summer afternoon only to end with a fantastic bbq. Nothing was amissed…from the food, to the drinks to the music…Turpin outdid themselves and made sure nothing was lacking. I even appreicated the extra care in ensuring all the salad (especially mayo-based) was on ice. Thanks for a great time!!

Paula B.

The Turpin crew has transformed our front yard in a paradise, not only for us, but also for all the wildlife like birds, butterflies chipmunks and other wild animals that come and enjoy our new pond, waterfall and stream!!!, we spend countless hours in our front yard too now.

Last Sunday Chris and his clean out crew did an amazing job during the spring clean out, he took the time to show us everything they were doing and why, took the time to instruct us on how to keep our pond up to date with the beneficial bacteria and offered to help us repopulate our thinned out Koi population (several died over the winter).
Thank you everyone at Turpin!!! You guys rock!!!

Esther and Jesse B.

A big thanks to Chris for an amazing spring clean-out of our pond this past week! It’s literally crystal clear – clean enough to drink out of. Amazing!!

Sue S.

Dear Jason and the Turpin Crew,

Thank you for joining us again for the Suburban Home & Garden Show. Your creativity with ponds and use of such wonderful color help distinguish our show in the area. We look forward to working with you again next year.

Suburban Home & Garden Show

Members of the Turpin Pond Team:

On behalf of the Chester County Food Bank, I would like to congratulate all of you for such a successful event. We appreciate being the benefactor of all your efforts.

Chester County Food Bank

We would like to express how very grateful we are for the support you have given. Turpin Landscape is the Title Sponsor in Sandy Hill yearly 5K run to benefit the preschool and church.

Sandy Hill Community Church

We have really been enjoying the new walk and landscaping. All the plants and bushes are doing well. Thanks again for doing such a great Job.

Judy S.

Brandywine Valley Water Garden Association/ Turpin Landscape December 9th, 2010,

Thank you for your gift of $9,800 to the Chester County Food Bank. Because of you, we can help more families live without the constant struggle for food.

Chester County Food Bank

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