Leave the Holiday Lighting to the Professionals

The tradition of outdoor Holiday Lighting has its origin in the 17th century and originated in Germany before spreading to Eastern Europe. Traditionally small candles were attached to tree branches with pins or melted wax and European Christians displayed a lit candle in the window of their house that was visible from the outside. This burning candle in the window let neighbors and friends know that all are welcome to enter and celebrate their faith.

Christmas Lighting
Christmas Lights

In the United States during the Christmas season of 1880 Thomas Edison introduced to the world the very first outdoor Christmas light display at his Menlo Park Laboratory Compound in New Jersey. Lighting up his business was a brilliant idea, especially since the railway ran alongside his business and travelers on the train were treated to this light display each evening during the holiday season that first year. In 1890 the first strings of lights were mass-produced and department stores began displaying them in their store windows. Once electric lights became more affordable, people began decorating the outside of their homes with these new holiday lights. And the rest is history.

Fast forward to today’s outdoor Holiday Lighting displays and the options are astounding! Candles on trees have been replaced by massive outdoor displays that attract visitors from miles away and even cause traffic jams in some neighborhoods. The addition of light-emitting diode, or LED lights, that are energy efficient and help reduce carbon emissions and reduce your energy bill have further added to the options available. From traditional to quirky, outdoor lighting is personal style at its best. And if you tend to have a competitive nature you may find yourself trying to out-decorate a neighbor or even your very own displays from previous years.

Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights

Each year we see an increase in the numbers of people interested in having holiday lights professionally installed. Offering the option to have this cumbersome chore taken off your holiday to-do list can be worth every cent; especially when you live in an area where temperatures can fluctuate anywhere from 55 degrees in the daylight hours, and then plummet down into the teens or single digits overnight!

Holiday lighting means just that: Halloween, Hanukkah, Christmas, Valentines Days and St. Patrick’s Day, all of these and more are holidays that people decorate their homes for, both inside and out. Don’t forget your local sports teams this is another growing field where people love to show their team spirit by lighting up their homes and properties with team colors and props. With the inception of LED light availability and the added incentives of installation, removal, warranty and storage it is certainly tempting to say the least. Lighting can be installed in October for Halloween and then bulbs can be switched out for Hanukkah or Christmas and then switch once again for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and if your local sports team is having a great season you can show your team spirit also. Here are some options to consider when thinking about letting the professionals handle your Holiday Lighting.

Christmas Lights
Holiday Lighting

Turpin Professional Holiday Lighting includes:

Designer Consultation: From traditional to icicle linkable, snowflakes linkable, roping lights and laser lights there is something for everyone’s taste. If you aren’t sure what you like, ask the professionals. They have the experience and knowledge to help you choose. They are familiar with the many different options available to add interest and creativity to your outdoor lighting.

Installation: We are fully licensed and insured installers. We handle the installation and the electrical needs for the lighting we install. We use only the latest LED lights to ensure the brightest, most energy efficient lights available.

Maintenance: We want your property to look festive all season long, so if a bulb goes out or if we get some unexpected weather causing issues with your lighting, we will be happy to take care of that for you; just give us a call.

Removal: If installing Holiday Lighting is a hassle; removing them can be even more so. Let us remove your Holiday Lighting for you, eliminating the need for you to have to endure the hassle of this frustrating chore.

Storage: We will store all of your holiday lighting supplies for you so you don’t have to worry about storage containers or space.

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