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There really is nothing more enticing than having water on your property! Pools and Hot Tubs are all welcome additions to any outdoor living space. Let’s face it; have you ever seen a backyard that didn’t look better with a pool?  The old adage that having a pool on your property decreases the home’s value is no longer true. The National Association of Realtors has found that water on your property increases the value, sometimes as much as 5%! We offer both concrete and fiberglass pools. The name Spa and Hot Tubs are interchangeable these days because of all the advancements made to outdoor Hot Tubs, they truly offer a Spa like experience, so either name is perfectly acceptable. Turpin Landscape Design/Build offers many different types of Pools and Hot Tubs. Each of these additions to your outdoor living space can be customized to your specifications. Whether these items are part of the original outdoor designs or add-ons to a current space, Turpin Landscape can offer you many options when you are thinking of adding water to your property.

Advantages of having a Pool or Hot Tub at your House:

  • Increase family time
  • Decrease stress
  • Break from technology
  • Exercise, while protecting joints & bones
  • Gather the gang together: Youth Group, Church & Community Groups
  • A healthy way to cool-off or warm-up
  • Improve home value
  • Sleep better

Adding a pool or hot tub to your property makes a Staycation sound much more enjoyable. In this hectic world we live; sometimes it nice to spend time at home enjoying your outdoor living space without having to hit the road or the airport for that matter.

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