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The names Spas and Hot Tubs are interchangeable these days because of the advancements made to outdoor Hot Tubs. These outdoor sanctuaries of relaxation, once experienced, are often hard to forget. Hot Tubs have the added advantage of yearlong enjoyment and that isn’t always the case when adding water to your outdoor living area. However they haven’t always been, how shall we say, particularly attractive additions to outdoor living spaces. We are happy to say that this is no longer true.

Today outdoor Hot Tubs can be considered a design element of beauty, not an eyesore. Similar to pools, outdoor Hot Tubs have many options available to choose from. Turpin Landscape Design/Built offers both freestanding and built-in units. We pride ourselves in offering homeowners the most natural of settings, even when installing a Hot Tub. Our designers are able to add a Hot Tub to your current outdoor space or they can design an outdoor living space complete with a Hot Tub included in the new design space.

Benefits to a Hot Tub or Spa:

  • A soothing treatment for sore muscle and bad backs
  • Relaxation guaranteed
  • Year round enjoyment
  • Extend your outdoor living time

For these and many other reasons, a Hot Tub may be just the right addition to your outdoor living space. Consider adding one to your current outdoor space or add one to your upcoming design project. Either way, Turpin Landscaping can offer you many options when considering adding a Hot Tub or Spa to your property.

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