Pond Builders in Philadelphia Rebuild a Memorial Pond and Garden

A skilled team of pond builders in Philadelphia, Turpin Landscape Design/Build, recently finished rebuilding and landscaping a memorial pond at a client’s home in Aston PA.  The Turpin team provided reconstruction, landscaping and an overall facelift to the existing pond.  The pond was a “DIY” pond that the homeowners built and now it was in need of some repairs. The 11’x16’ foot pond is the most popular size that these pond builders in Philadelphia build.


What do these Pond Builders in Philadelphia have to work with?

This suburban lot had been made very private through appropriate plantings and the scene truly feels like a garden oasis.  Arborvitae line the edge of the property, layered with broadleaf shrubs and various groupings of perennials. The pond has multiple cascading streams providing the soothing sounds and serenity of flowing water, that can be heard and enjoyed from just about anywhere on the property. The pond was built to close to the patio, giving the homeowners a great view of the waterfall and streams from their main gathering area outdoors, as well as a prime view from inside the house.

What’s the 1st step in a rebuild?

To begin the project Zach, Turpin’s Water Feature Division Leader, along with his crew of pond builders in Philadelphia pulled apart the existing pond all the way down to the liner.  A few adjustments were made to slightly alter the shape of the pond, giving it a more natural flow to it. The crew then installed a new liner and moved the existing boulders. There were repairs that were also made to the existing streams and waterfall, to again to give the pond a more natural look and feel to it. In addition to the structural work, a carefully chosen variety of plants were added to the area inside the pond as well as around it. The homeowners are avid gardeners and very interested in plant material and that is where Becky’s exceptional knowledge, passion and experience come in. There were several unique specimens that were chosen to act as points of special interest around the pond and “wow” they really stand out in the landscape.


The plants are so important in this process.

One of the goals with this project was to complement the existing landscape and to have continuous color at various times of the year.  This is achieved by choosing plant material with varied seasons and bloom times, as well as adding, multiple types of evergreens to the project. When we are working with a blank canvas or expanding an existing feature one of our goals is to create a space that is able to be viewed from multiple areas. For this specific rebuild that would include the patio, the outdoor dining space as well as their view from indoors. The attention to detail is very important to the Turpin team, and is evident through this entire project. You can see the thought that went into this project as you discover the creeping sedum that softens the lines of the walkway, while hens and chicks poke out from the cracks and small spaces throughout the pond and waterfall.

What a difference these Pond Builders in Philadelphia created.

The entire transformation including the pond rebuild and landscape changes took place in only one day, and boy it was a fun-filled day. During the course of this project the homeowner shared with us that she wanted to dedicate not only the specialty tree Becky had chosen to be planted in her mother’s memory, but the entire garden. This space would now have even more meaning to this family as they could now continue to share their passion for plants and water with loved ones, through this memorial garden.  Together, we helped them to create not only a beautiful backyard retreat, but also a place of peace and tranquility to better connect with and honor what matters most, family.


Looking to see more, check out this video!

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