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As we anxiously await the return of Spring and all the wonderful benefits that come along with it, it’s time to take care of one of our most prize possessions, our water garden features. Spring pond cleanout and maintenance is a necessary service to ensure our water features are the star of our gardens. Turpin Landscaping offers Pond Maintenance in Chester County, our employees  know the pond business and can have your pond up and running and looking fabulous in possibly just a couple of hours. We offer ten years of experience in pond installation, maintenance and service in Chester County and the surrounding areas. That is a hard record to beat in the pond industry!

Pond Cleanout

Perhaps you are a hands-on person who enjoys spending time every spring getting your pond in tiptop shape. If that is you and you don’t mind a muddy, wet job, feel free to contact us for any supplies that you may need. While cleaning and plant separation are important steps, don’t forget to jump start your ecosystem safely and effectively. Not having supplies handy when you are knee deep in a dirty pond can really be problematic. It is always best to plan ahead; having the proper equipment and supplies is key to a job well done.

Pond cleanout and maintenance is a service that can mean the difference between a beautiful pond ready to enjoy and a pond that falls short of its intended purpose. The proper handling of fish is also something that needs to be considered. Nothing is worse than realizing one of your granddaughter’s favorite fish won’t be swimming to the surface looking for her when she visits. If you are planning to handle this project on your own, please remember the Pond Detoxifier.
We recommend this important product that removes and detoxifies the chlorine and chloramines found in both public water and well water sites.
Our pond experts know how to care for your fish and will ensure the very best care when housing and then transferring the fish back into their sparkling new home. Spring-cleaning isn’t just for our homes; our aquatic pets need this important service too!

Please call Turpin Landscaping at 610.380.1119 to schedule your pond cleaning service.


Turpin’s Landscaping, Inc. offers both full pond cleaning and partial cleaning services.

The Full Pond Cleaning Includes:

  • Draining the pond down to six inches in depth.
  • Removing the fish and placing them in large containers with original pond water & aeration.
  • Draining the remainder of pond and power washing the pond, stream & waterfall
  • Removing debris from the pond bottom.
  • Cleaning all filter pads, bioballs, biofall unit, skimmer and pump as needed.
  • Cleaning all light lenses and inspecting for burned out bulbs.
  • Making necessary minor adjustments to rocks if needed.
  • Fertilizing all potted plants.
  • Installation of Pond Detoxifier and Pond Starter Bacteria to re-establish the ecosystem.
  • Re-introducing the fish into the pond.

The Partial Cleaning Includes:

  • Removing and cleaning all filter pads, bioballs, and nets or baskets.
  • Completely draining and vacuuming the bioballs.
  • Re-installing all the above and restarting the pond.
  • Installation of Pond Detoxifier and Pond Starter Bacteria to re-establish the ecosystem.

pond cleanout

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