Maintenance and Service Calls

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Turpin Landscaping’s Water Feature Maintenance Division categorizes Service Calls two ways.  Most are non-emergency calls which are primarily for maintenance when fish health is not affected or of an urgent nature.  Emergency calls are when a situation is extremely urgent and cannot wait a few days for attention.

What types of Service Calls are not considered an emergency?

  • Maintenance Services to clean or shut down pond
  • Plants installation or maintenance
  • Replacement of light bulbs, probes, filter mats
  • Replacement of pump and/or check valve if fish are not at risk
  • Minor leak or water loss

What type of situation warrants an emergency Service Call?

  • Extreme water loss where flooding is a problem or fish are at risk
  • Pump is not working and no aeration available during hot weather putting fish at risk
  • A problem has been reported and homeowner is away

Water Feature Service Calls are not limited to ponds only.  The focus is put on ponds because they generally require more frequent service than other types of water features.  Pondless waterfalls and fountains for example are also eligible for seasonal or routine maintenance, cleaning, light replacement or plant installation.


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