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Imagine, sipping morning coffee beside a beautiful pond in your own front or backyard.   Turpin Landscaping has created a pond or water gardens especially for you. There are endless possibilities when creating a pond or water feature to add to your landscape.  Ponds invite nature to blossom into your own private paradise. They also create natural screening for privacy and traffic noise. Soothing  relaxing sounds help you unwind, and beautiful seasonal changes allow you to enjoy your outdoors for a prolonged amount of time.

Benefits of a water feature:

  • Water features attract birds and wildlife to your property
  • The surroundings of your water feature offer great entertainment options
  • Enjoy the smoothing sounds of flowing water
  • Combined with a rainwater harvesting system it offers a great and ecological way to water your landscaping

Learn the truth concerning the most common lies about your koi pond!

Looking from the inside out on a rainy or cold and snowy day is an opportunity missed for those who don’t have a pond or waterfall to gaze upon. Even at night, the illuminated pond is mesmerizing.  Ice formations are fascinating to watch as they continually change.
We offer the complete line of Aquascape Pond Products for the health of your pond and water features. We will gladly special order any products from the catalog that are not on hand in our store for you.

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