It really is true; we have never seen a backyard that didn’t look better with a pool in it. Even small unadorned pools have the ability to enhance a backyard. Why is that you ask? Perhaps the reason is simple; water is a natural stress reliever. The moment our eyes encounter, either man-made or natural water, our physical response is to relax. Considering that water is a lifesaving element to survival that makes excellent sense.

Pools offer umpteen options, from construction materials, cost, lighting and even maintenance, there is something for everyone. We offer both concrete pools and fiberglass pools. Both options can be customized with the addition of waterfalls, lighting, and natural stone settings. Most of us are familiar with traditional concrete pools, however many have not encountered the newer fiberglass pools. Fiberglass pools have come a long way since their inception, now boasting six layers of construction for added strength.

Some newer options to consider when thinking about a pool installation:

  • Automatic Pool Cover
  • Automated Pool Maintenance
  • Fire Bowls
  • Heat/Cool Heat Pump
  • Waterfalls
  • Picturesque Rock Formations

Design elements are what transforms a pool into a stunning work of art. Our designers have been working with water for over fifteen years and specialize in creating a unique setting that works for you. From Modern to Traditional, to a very Natural setting, all of these options and more are available.

Today, pools offer many incentives, perhaps none greater than that of getting our family members, both old and young, away from technology and into some physical activity with nary an argument. Netflix and air conditioning are nice when the heat is on but getting together with friends in a pool is a much healthier way to spend the summer. Like it or not; a pool is a ‘social magnet’ meaning if you crave company or would like to keep an eye on your teenagers and their friends, a pool can come in mighty handy. Even grandparents know that if they would like to see their children and grandchildren more often a pool is an added incentive to visit during summer vacation. Often overlooked by seniors and parents of small children is the added benefit of a better, deeper sleep. Struggling to get the kids to bed on time is much easier if they have spent the day swimming in a pool. Not only are they more willing to give in to sleep but they will sleep sounder and longer if they have spent the day playing in a pool.

If there is one thing Turpin’s know it is water and children! Take it from us; a pool can be a wonderful addition to any property!

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