Rustic Outdoor Kitchen in Chester Springs, PA

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen in Chester Springs, PA

A beautiful home in Chester County, Pennsylvania where Turpin Lansdscape has done many projects over the years and is one of the top stops on the annual Brandywine Valley Water Garden Tour benefiting the Chester County Food Bank. Among all the projects done at this location, the one project that really stands out is the rustic backyard kitchen. This outdoor kitchen presented a couple architectural challenges but in the end those challenges became the show stopping beauty marks that captivate its visitors.

The Homeowner wanted this outdoor space to be unique and unrepeatable; this led to the choice of reclaimed cherry posts to support the structure of this rustic outdoor kitchen. These old growth cherry logs were salvaged from Byers Station just next door to the property. The logs were not big enough to be milled for lumber and were crooked throughout; They would have been doomed to become firewood, but our design experts saw the raw beauty and unique opportunity to pull out the natural charm of these cherry log posts. First the logs were stripped of the old bark, exposing the intense shades of pink and browns that have just aged so perfectly to rich reds and a bronzing patina. Keeping the design seamless each log was drilled through the center from end to end, to create a conduit for the electrical to power the roof structure lighting and ventilation system.


The roof top consists of natural cedar shakes, hand split with a natural rustic appearance interweaved for a timeless classic look that also hides the ventilation system. The front of the roof structure nests on the four cherry posts sitting on top of the counter, then reinforced concrete pylons below onto footers. The back side of the roof rests on the house’s roof trusses, which was done with the help of an engineer for the structural support and safety. Utilizing the house’s existing roof trusses kept the space from being overcrowded with too many posts. Minimizing the use of posts maximized the ability to install all the desired kitchen appliances while promoting a feeling of simplicity and openness and simultaneously meeting the practical needs of everyday functions.


The bar top and kitchen counter made of black limestone was handpicked by the homeowner with a member of our design team at a local stone quarry. To get the ‘hand chiseled’ look the edges of the limestone top went through an in-house by-hand thermal process of fire torching. One other secret to this counter’s smooth top finish is that the homeowner upon examining the countertop at the time of installation preferred the underside finish of this countertop. Due to this unique preference the stone was inverted and installed to achieve the glossy smooth finish that had originally caught the eye of the homeowner but also gave an improvised and innovative solution to stay on budget; avoiding the outsourced expensive series of multi-step polishing processes of a polished counter top.


To fulfill the requirement of built in seating, Chad recommended vintage style tractor seats. Powder coated and installed directly to the kitchen island. This selection of bar seating offered the look, simplicity and functional comfortable seating needed for this rustic outdoor kitchen.

The floor plan included lots of storage space, including a pull-out drawer and stainless-steel cabinetry doors to store all outdoor glassware and dishes. Built in appliances such as green egg, large gas grill, high BTU outdoor burner, and an outdoor under counter refrigerator; Meeting all the necessities and wants for outdoor cooking with design accessibility and flow. To continue the unique and open theme the sink faucet was installed coming out of one simple large stone. To keep the faucet stone mount visually appealing and preserving an open sink area with ease of use, a foot pedal for hot or cold water was installed in place of the usual handles.


Last detail, every bar needs an outdoor tv! Not wanting to drop big bucks from the budget on an outdoor television, a rustic insulated cabinet was fashioned and installed to shelter the homeowners ‘indoor’ television. Surprisingly this experimental concept of this indoor tv that was put outside in an insulated box is still in working condition and is going on nine years in this outdoor kitchen!

This rustic backyard kitchen is used and enjoyed year-round; it is just more fun than being indoors!


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