Spring Cleanup Checklist

Spring cleaning is not just for the inside of your house.  The outside of our homes need as much; if not more attention, when Spring rolls around.  However, most of us are happy to head outside and enjoy some much needed fresh air while tackling this spring cleanup checklist!

Here are some basics that should be on everyones Spring cleanup checklist:

  • Rake out leaf litter and other organic debris that may have been missed last fall, remove weeds and sticks from around your plants so they can breathe again.
  • Prune trees and scrubs; practice selective pruning, prune away winter killed branches to make room for new growth.
  • Apply fresh mulch.
  • Apply the first dose of fertilizer.
  • Edge lawns and flowerbeds; creating clean lines and borders.
  • Apply weed control.
  • It is a good time to thin out crowded beds and possibly do some transplanting, to fill in bare spots.
  • Time for the first mow!

At this point you are clearly finished with your spring cleanup checklist and ready to add some perennials and/or brighten things us with some annuals.  Containers will need to be washed and filled and then you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful property and all your hard work. Maybe, however, what if after all of this time and money spent on beautifying your property you find that the deer in your area consider your property the neighborhood buffet line?  This does happen sometimes. Click here to learn about a few methods to help prevent this nuisance, or you can contact us here with any questions about our spring cleanup checklist or deer control. 


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