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This is where the old meets new and the result is nothing short of fabulous! The term Swim Pond may be new to you but to some, it may be reminiscent of the ole swimming hole. The concept of Swim Ponds is certainly not new but adding one to your backyard is truly cutting edge. Perhaps you are looking for a chemical free pool or a swimming pool that looked more natural, maybe you are looking for something that would bring wildlife to your property or all of the above. Regardless of the reason, Swim Ponds are a unique way to enjoy the best of many options rolled into one.

Turpin Landscape Design/Build has been building Swim Ponds for many years. Swim Ponds require no chemicals because they rely on aquatic plants to filter out contaminants and use the nutrients from the water as food. These hungry aquatic plants keep your Swim Pond clean and clear and perfect for swimming or wildlife to enjoy.

Some advantages of installing a Swim Pond:

  • A swim Pond looks good 12 months out of the year!
  • Swim Ponds can be with or without fish, it’s a personal preference.
  • Swim Ponds are natural, no chemicals ever!
  • Swim Ponds can be customized to any size or shape.
  • If done correctly, they appear completely natural to the setting.
  • Swim Ponds require much less maintenance than traditional concrete pools.
  • They offer swimming in the warmer months and ice skating in the winter months
  • Attracts wildlife to your property all year long.

All of these advantages and more are available to Swim Pond owners. Turpin Landscape Design/Build excels in meeting the challenges of bringing water and nature together to create stunning Swim Ponds.


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