Tips for Winterizing Your Property

Here Are Some Tips Winterizing Your Property:

As the cold weather descends upon us and the snow starts to fly, it’s time to winterize your property outdoors. Winterizing your property can save you thousands of dollars in expensive repairs so setting aside time for this perennial service is extremely important. Components and accessories outside your home need yearly attention but it needn’t be overwhelming if you follow some fairly simple suggestions.

Outdoor items to pay particular attention to when you winterize your property:

Winterize Water Features
  • Irrigation Systems: shut off the system’s water supply and blow out lines or call your irrigation company to schedule this service. Wrapping the main shut-off valve and any above-ground piping with foam-insulating tape or foam insulating tubes will help when freezing temperatures arrive. If you don’t already have an irrigation company we recommend Rainmaker, they are a residential and commercial irrigation contractor in Malvern, PA with 25 years’ experience.
  • Hose Bibs: turn off water spigots and water shut-off values to hoses. Sprinklers and spray nozzles need to be removed and hoses disconnected from water spigots and/or air conditioning units.
  • Containers: floral containers and birdbaths need to be emptied or brought inside. Special attention needs to be paid to ceramic and concrete containers as they are more likely to crack, especially during winter with frequent freeze/thaw periods.
  • Drains & Gutters: organic debris like twigs and leaves need to be removed from drain sites and gutters. If these are not removed they can freeze and prevent water from exiting at the proper place and cause flooding. As with any type of water damage; this could be a costly repair.

We do hope that this information will help you face the colder months with confidence that you have prepared your outdoor living space for Ole’ Man Winter and that you will be in good shape when spring rolls around once again. If you also have a Water Feature to prepare for winter we recommend you read How to Winterize Your Water Feature.


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