What Can I Include in my Fall Planting in Chester County,PA?

Now is the time to think about spring flowering bulbs, and other plants to fill in gaps in the garden where something may have died, an old shrub needs to be removed because it is so overgrown you could use a fresh replacement, or you just want to improve aesthetic appearance. This does not necessarily mean a major overhaul of the garden, but it could. It could also mean fresh container plantings near your front door or the entrance to your driveway.

Fall planting is not just for trees, shrubs, and perennials.

Fall Planting in Chester County PA
Fall Planting in Chester County PA

Fall colors are so enticing, no wonder it is a great time of year for sightseeing. Bold reds can be found in leaf colors of trees and shrubs, and there are many to choose from besides the over popular, sometimes invasive and prohibited Burning Bush. One of my favorites that have been in a container planting for well over a year is Diervilla splendens Kodiak Red which is commonly called a bush honeysuckle, but that name doesn’t do it justice. Here is how Monrovia describes it: Rich red spring foliage on upright burgundy stems becomes green with hints of red in summer and transforms into a vivid red in fall. Clusters of small yellow flowers throughout summer and into fall are followed by distinctive red seed pods. A well-behaved, rugged native for tough soils, great for erosion control on hillsides. Deciduous. Part shade to full sun. Grows 3-4’ high x 4-5’ wide.  https://www.monrovia.com/plant-catalog/plants/6203/kodiak-red-diervilla/

If you think this sounds like a winner of a shrub but think it may get a little too large for your needs, see the article on pruning and you can learn how to control the size of plants while keeping them looking their best.

Other beautiful fall planting colors include yellow, amber, rust, orange, burgundy, purple and even whites and creams nicely contrast with the bold colors of autumn. Stem color and texture and berries are considerations when looking to extend the seasons of interest through fall and winter when botanical elements are desired. The possibilities are endless once you start to look for exciting plants to incorporate in your own garden. Whether the addition of a single tree to commemorate an occasion or a slew of color is installed to prepare for a celebration, plants are an important element in our lives.

Get inspired to find just the right fall planting colors for your house!

Fall Planting Chester County
Fall Planting Chester County

Maybe you like the idea of a fall seasonal planting, which does not have to be limited to only mums. Asters, Celosia, Cabbage, Kale, Sage, Ornamental Peppers and grasses, Heuchera, Coleus, Pansies and so much more are available for gorgeous displays of fall color that will last for months before its time to decorate for Christmas. The best reasons to plant pansies in the fall are that they last through the winter and bloom through spring before they get removed in May or June to plant annuals, and they can be planted over the top and around spring-blooming bulbs. Consider planting bulbs at the same time and see the article in this newsletter for more information on bulbs.

Fall Planting Chester County

This is intended to inspire the do-it-yourself gardeners to prepare for the fall season, and of course, we can do it for you. Now that the children will be back in school, its time for the seasons to change. Let us know if we can be of help to you with any of these services.


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