When is the best time to install plants in Chester County?

As Spring approaches people want to know, when is the best time to install plants in Chester County?

Typically, spring and fall are the best time to install plants. 

The truth is almost any time you can dig a hole, you can plant a plant. There are only a few times of year that we don’t recommend planting. Be mindful of what you are planting. There are a few things that need to be planted at certain times of year, for instance spring bulbs. Spring bulbs need to be planted in the fall so that the winter temps will cause them to bloom in the spring.

The following information is a general guide to the best time to install plants in Chester County.

Spring and Fall offer cooler weather and more regular rain.

Cool weather means that the plants don’t experience as much stress. Regular rain storms mean you don’t have to water as frequently. Spring and early fall give plants plenty of time to get established before winter. The only down fall with Autumn is that the selection of plants is more limited. In the fall most nursery and growing centers try to sell down their stock before winter.  If you are interested in a Crape Myrtle you should know that they are southern plants and they need to have a little bit more time to establish themselves before winter. These type of plants would need to be planted in the very early fall.

For obvious reasons winter wouldn’t normally be the ideal time to plant anything.

We have had success toward the end of winter when the ground is workable with planting dormant trees, shrubs, and even sometimes perennials. We don’t necessarily recommend it, but it is possible as long as the plants are dormant when you are planting them. Plants that are put in during late fall and early winter that don’t have enough time to establish their roots before it freezes. When this occurs it could potentially force the plant out of the ground by frost heave. Frost heave happens when the soil surface is frequently freezing and thawing, which pushes a plant that isn’t well established out of the ground. This can expose the roots and crown of a plant making it more susceptible to winter winds and cold.

As you can see, while Spring and Fall might be ideal, you can still plant at other times of year. Using this information might give you more time during spring when there are plenty of other tasks to be done in the garden.

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